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Bespoke equipment

Our service

We develop and build bespoke equipment, machines and devices across a wide range of technologies and use cases.


Our experience

Production technology

  • Mobile peeling insulation device for high voltage power lines.

  • Tube bending machine for cooling spirals of a thyristor unit

  • Machining center for tube end finishing

  • Handling module for maintenance of a cutting drum used for print media finishing.

  • Grip conveyer station for print media handover

Research and development

  • Burner extraction device

  • Axial heavy load hydraulic actuator

  • Supercritical media heating module



We cover all aspects of the development process: from the feasibility study through developing the concept, design, realisation, CE marking and commissioning.

Our expertise goes across a range of engineering areas, from thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and process engineering to design and safety.

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