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The design has been developed and approved. The next step is to realise the design with production documents, procurement and assembly of all components.

Fabrication drawings

We further build out the design with production documents, including manufacturing drawings, parts lists and test reports. For complex components with multiple production steps – or specific manufacturing processes such as 3D printing, electron beam welding or vacuum brazing – we create process-optimized manufacturing documents.


Manufacturing and procurement

In the meantime, we coordinate the procurement of all required components, starting immediately after the design review with the time-critical ones. We ensure high-quality manufacturing, through our wide network of suppliers and our careful monitoring of deadlines and quality.



We create assembly drawings and instructions, and coordinate the assembly process with either the selected partners or with yourselves.

Once the design has been assembled and approved, we’re ready to move to the commissioning phase – including all arrangements for CE marking if required

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