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Our service

We develop and build prototypes, functional models and instrumentation, as well as provide measurement and analysis of data.

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Our experience

Process engineering /
fluid mechanics

  • Energy-efficient supersonic nozzle for generation of ice nuclei

  • Nozzle heads for artificial snowmaking

  • Waterjet air pump and separation chamber for energy transfer from water to air

  • Rotating Valve Fluid Exchanger for Energy Recovery at seawater desalination plants

  • Turbocharger casing for energy recovery system operated with biomass from food waste

Research and development

  • High-pressure-ignition system

  • High-temperature pressure-regulation valve for exhaust gases

  • Reactor for analysis of chemical processes

  • High pressure burner for high power density applications

Development aid

  • Low-cost hand prothesis for an NGO in Cambodia

  • Affordable cooking and heating stove for development countries



We cover all aspects of the development process: from the feasibility study through developing the concept, design, realisation, CE marking and commissioning.

Our expertise goes across a range of engineering areas, from thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and process engineering to design and safety.

Contact us to find out more.

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