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Test rigs

Our service

We develop and build

  • test rigs for product testing, technology research and process analysis

  • pilot plants

  • research infrastructure and laboratory equipment


Our experience

Aviation research

  • Sector combustor chamber test rig for analysis of rumbling


  • Combustor chamber test rig with acoustic generator and absorber system

  • Combustion test rig for smoke and emission analysis

Gas turbine research

  • Combustion chamber with optical measuring device

  • First vane simulation module

  • Test rig with primary and secondary air distribution

  • Optical probe for laser diagnostic in combustion chambers

  • High-pressure combustion chamber with optical access and integrated plasma-electrodes

Steam turbine research

  • Rotating droplet erosion rig for testing of blade coatings

  • Test environment for droplet separators in saturated steam

Material research

  • Setup for melting and atomization of metals

  • Multiaxial strength for ultra high performance concrete

Energy recovery

  • Media supply system for a turbo charger test rig


  • Test rig for energy recovery devices for seawater desalination

Process engineering

  • Spray-setups for evaporative cooling and spray drying

  • Test rig for a water jet air pump and separation chamber



We cover all aspects of the development process: from the feasibility study through developing the concept, design, realisation, CE marking and commissioning.

Our expertise goes across a range of engineering areas, from thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and process engineering to design and safety.

Contact us to find out more.

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